Catcher in the Rye: Chapters 10-12

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Holden Caulfield, A Really Bad Guide On How To Stop Being Lonely: Step one, pick up as many girls as you can. Disclaimer: this might not help anything (at all), but hey, you picked up some girls. This is part of what really frustrates me about Holden. There is no possible way you can incessantly complain about everything yet do nothing about it. Or do things that’ll just make it worse. Like, if you’re hungry, and you eat 3 packets of gummy bears, you’ll still be hungry, and you just ruined your diet. Congrats, you achieved nothing! Holden is constantly trying to patch up his mistakes and issues by immediately reverting his behavior to another bad mistake. It’s the circle of life, apparently. My question about this, however, is: is Holden’s sex-obsession and need to be with multiple women part of the cause of his issues, or more part of the “symptoms”? Perhaps this is a viable solution in his mind to being lonely.


One a more optimistic note, one think I really enjoyed about these chapters is Holden gushing about his younger sister, Phoebe. We spent the whole book so far with him lying and being rude to people, and seeing Holden really open up about someone he truly loves, not just some girl he meet on the street, made him so much more interesting. He isn’t just some stone cold pile of angst, but he deeply cares for and admires his kid sister. Their relationship seems really sweet and I’m sure that Holden is really attached to her, especially after Allie died. Hopefully I’m not the only one realizing that this is one of Holden’s positive relationships he can latch onto and help pull him out of depression, so maybe Holden will eventually realize this, too.


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