Holden Caulfield Mixtape

For the final project for Catcher in the Rye, I decided to do a mixtape that represents Holden Caulfield’s journey throughout Catcher in the Rye. You can find that mixtape on the prezi here, and I will upload an 8tracks or spotify later on. The following is my reflection piece I wrote after completing the project.

The project I chose for my creative extension project was the mixtape for Holden Caulfield. I ultimately decided to do this project because I thought it would be the most fun for me, and I definitely didn’t want to get stuck doing a project I hate. I love listening to music and especially interpreting its meanings and how it relates to other things in life, so I thought this project would be perfect for me. I began with compiling a list of songs I thought of off the top of my head that had themes like depression, hopelessness, and death, which were all major themes in the book. The rest of my time was spent listening to my iTunes library and looking up online lists of angsty songs because, of course, Holden would definitely relate to angst.

Overall, I am quite happy with how it turned out in the end. I like that I pushed myself outside of the normal range of music that I listened to, and definitely looked hard for the underlying themes and meanings to the songs and made sure each and every song related to Holden somehow, which I liked a lot. I also liked how I chose songs to represent where he was at different points in the book- instead of just having songs about depression, I decided to include optimistic songs to represent the journey he’s about to go through to show Holden as a multifaceted character instead of just some angsty teen. At certain points, however, finding a song got a bit slow and it was hard to find a song that related to him perfectly, so it was a bit of a stretch to find how it related but it worked out in the end.

As for the design specs, I believe I met the requirements. Unfortunately, as it was a presentation, I can only make it so “beautiful,” but I do think it is unique as my songs varied from the other songs people in my class chose (surprisingly, we all had completely different songs) and hopefully once you listen to the songs it will become “poignant.” I did put a lot of effort into choosing the songs and writing the analysis so hopefully the design specs are met.

“What would you like to spend more time on in school?” I hope that there are more opportunities to do projects like these at school. This helped me analyze Catcher much more than an analytical, 4 page essay ever could. It forced me to find deeper meaning and symbolism of the book and then relate it back to lyrics of songs I had to find myself. And I was able to do all of that without the pain of writing an essay, which just makes me hate the book in the end. So, for these reasons, I hope we get more opportunities to do these creative extension projects.


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