What Happens In Our Consciousness Stays In Our Consciousness!

“I talk of dreams,
Which are the children of an idle brain,
Begot of nothing but vain fantasy,
Which is as thin of substance as the air .”  ~Mercutio (Act I, Scene IV)

We, as human beings, have walked on the moon, developed life-saving technologies, and mastered flight within the past couple centuries. Yet, we still don’t know why we dream. For one, dreams completely lack reason, logic, and direction. Like Mercutio said in Romeo and Juliet (which we are beginning to read in class), dreams are what happens when one’s brain takes control. However, there is much that can be learned (or not learned) from dreams.



It’s easy to think about dreams like some sort of prophecy, just because they’re so… strange. One of the most interesting things about dreams is sometimes people experience the same things. For example, a dream about going to the bathroom only to discover that all of your teeth are falling out. It makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s the amazing thing: a completely abstract dream was experienced by thousands of people. So it must mean something, right?


I experience recurring dreams a lot.  I must have had at least 50 dreams where I was trying to call 911 and my “smart” phone either wasn’t letting me, my phone would drop, or the operator would tell me to shut up and hang up on me (I would hope this dream doesn’t come true!). A quick internet search as to what this dream means told me that I “need help, but can’t communicate it.”

Perhaps this is true, and honestly, I could go reading the meanings of dreams for hours and hours. But maybe some things are left better unanswered. I disagree with this whole notion of “every dream has an underlying meaning!” Human beings by nature are obsessed with trying to find the meaning to everything because once there is an explanation, we are more at ease with ourselves. But maybe some things don’t have explanations that we need to publish a scientific report on. And this is coming from someone who loves science and finding the answer to everything. Dreams are just different. They are complex and one of the most interesting things about the brain, but when we try so hard to apply meaning to them, the actual message our subconscious is playing out disappears.

Dreams are birthed in your subconscious, so in my opinion, we should trust them to stay in our subconscious and let them guide us to reason.


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